Monday, 10 October 2016

Holiday A, B, Cs.
Ate K.F.C on Saturday and on Tuesday 
Began to practice for my piano exam
Came to school and saw Miss Ronalds 
Dad and I snuck hokey pokey ice cream 
Eggs for breakfast three days in a row
Forgot to put out the bins twice 
Grown a lot that's that miss Reynolds thinks 
Had a hair cut 
I went to a friends birthday party
Jellie park pool on a cold day 
Kayaking at the Avon river 
Lay in bed and relaxed 
Made lunch and tea for my family 
Napped for almost a day  
Obediently helped my family around the house 
Piper and I had a swap with friends
Quiet time with my family in the lounge
Read the twits and I am the one and only Ivan 
Sumner beach and had awesome ice cream
Timaru to look after my grand parents 
Use a pot to make porridge for the second time  
Visited my dad on Saturday 
Watched the secret life of pets at the movies 
X-ray vision 
Yearned to come back to school 
Zero TV for a whole day (it was torture)

Monday, 5 September 2016


Sport!!! Some people do not value sport. Well I am against that. I believe that sport can bring people together. ,Know here are three reasons why I believe sport can bring people together and if you don't believe sport can bring people together well you might wanna tune in.

1. People can make connections e.g if you came from the same country or had the same name or last name, middle name, nickname or same age. Trust me there is way more connections you can make.

2. We could show teamwork just like the all blacks. The all blacks train as a team work as a team play as a team because they are a team. You can not play any sports by yourself. Each person in a team has a job to do. Even if your from a different team or country you still are a team. 

3. Crossing cultures. Like the olympics and rugby,soccer,cricket, and all kind of sport. You could support the same team or be in the same team.
I will tell you one of my favourite poem that sport can bring people together. From the pitch to the crowd to the world,

There is nothing quite like sport to bring people together. Written by rich baller.Know for those who don't think that sport can bring people together here's some advice don't stop believing unless your dreams are stupid written by KP/ Kid president. 

It's not the team with the best players that win. It's the players that makes the team the best!!!

Here's a little thing I call breaking up words and this is the word sport. S stands for sportsmanship. P stands for perseverance . O stands for overall. R stands for respect other people. And T stands for team work. 
Think about it sport can bring people together and we are all one.


Today at discovery time I chose to do an iMovie. I chose to do iMovie because I haven't done it in a while and because I love making iMovie. The people who also chose to do iMovie with me was Oliver,Hamish,Liam,Jackson,Sean and me. Our iMovie is about humans who got shot and turned into animals I turned into a wolf and Liam was a koala. Hamish was a panda.
A struggle for me was getting ready for the iMovie because we had to try and find our dress up clothes and learning my lines.
I worked hard on acting and trying to learn my lines quick. And getting the group together. Sharing my ideas.
Next time I do iMovie I would like to be a fillmer.
What I have learnt by doing iMovie was fake falling good and. I was really proud of myself because I have been learning more.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Discovery time reflection

Today at discovery I was doing IMovie. We did it on the field with the same people again, but this time Gabby got to be in it. Now we have a film expert and his name is Oliver smith.

The role I played was being the best cop and getting beaten up by the robbers.

A strategy I used was practising and practising until I got it.

Something new I have learnt was trying my hardest on something I have never tried before, like acting.

A struggle for me was opening my eyes when I wasn't supposed to because I was knocked out.

I showed a growth mindset by just coming in and knowing what to do because I was at Danks.

Next discovery time I want to improve by being more focused because when Riley and Jackson were messing around I just couldn't help myself and I joined in messing around with them.

Overall make it look better and focus.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

DT reflection

Today at discovery time I was practising singing with Sairusi for KK’s got talent show and Charlie just joined around the end. The song that we are singing is When I See You Again dedicated to my dad because he’s in jail.

The role I’m playing in is the rapping bit and that is also a big struggle for me because I haven't rapped in a long time.

Something i notice was that charlie and sairusi could sing i'm not a really good singer and that's why i'm rapping.

Next time i could improve by learning my rapping lines.

 I learnt that sairusi and charlie can sing better than me and although I’ve known them for a few years, I didn’t know that! 

I showed effort by trying to learn how to rap and learn my lines.    

At the end i felt really proud of myself because i learnt so many things and i got my rap style back and know Charlie,Sairusi and i can win the talent show.  

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Term 1 reflection

During term 1 we decided to put on a performance for half of the school. A big struggle for me was keeping in time with the beat and rhythm and trying not to mess up. A highlight for me was being brave and giving in ideas because I just love sharing my ideas. We also did a lot of teamwork which got us done straight away. My role in our performance was sketching. We got our beat ideas by sharing in a circle and just coming up with random sketching ideas till we got there. Our lyrics for the beat was. We love sketching and that was a team effort. What I learnt was how to keep in time with the beat and what it means. Beat means keeping in time with the beat. And about rythme. I think I am at multistructural at beat because i know a lot about it. It is where you have to keep in time with the person that is banging the drums.

A few weeks before we travelled to Hanmer Springs for camp and I would say my favourite activities were mountain biking and Bear Grylls in the fresh forest. If you don't know what Bear Grylls is it is making a house just out of tree branches and it had to be waterproof and stable. It should be safe to live in. We also had to imagine what it would feel like to live in the forest.

Our leader Dave told us we should try to make a fire. Charlie and I volunteered to help make the fire, the reason we made the fire was so it can make our shelter look more realistic and so we did it but it never worked. We let it calm down and we touched it and it was quite hot but nothing happen. “Times up” Dave said. I was really frustrated but it was better than I thought. 

Something new I learnt was how to make a fire but we didn't really make fire because we didn't have enough time but we did make smoke. And I got to see the fire smoke all over the place slowly filling up the space. Another thing I also learnt was what it would feel like to live in the forest and I thought it was a bit easy. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


My home country is Samoa and I think I belong there. I feel so proud and gifted. When my grandparents heard that my mum was getting a baby(which was me) They flew all the way from Samoa to NZ they came to see me straight away and they also felt really proud because they value family and they had a new grandchild 
I also think I belong in NZ because I have lived in NZ for my whole life.