Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Water monitoring process

Water Monitoring Process

Firstly we were racing to our desks and got our IPads so we can do the date. Ms Webster got a strip of paper. This is not just an ordinary strip of paper, it’s a special paper. It is named indicator paper and it measures the pH of the water. She dipped it into the water and it turned green. It surprised all of us. It turned green because it tells us if it's healthy water and it was.

Secondly we were trying to find bugs. Some of us only saw 7. Some were dead, some were not. We know if there's no bugs in the water it's not good indicator for the water or the environment.

After that we tested the tds which stands for total dissolved solid. It is a kind of machine which tells us how many dissolved solids are left in the water .  So when Ms Webster told one of us to press the button that said start it started to change numbers which was a good thing. First time we did it the number was 0.1 I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not.

Next we tested the turbidity. Turbidity is the clarity of the water. We picked up a glass of water and put it in front of the book my group that was reading. On the book there were three different sizes. One was size 29,  one was size 24 and don't forget size 9. When I picked up the glass of water and put it in front of the book I could see all the sizes up to 9.

Afterwards we tested the temperature so Ms Webster gave us some thermometers. She told us to find a buddy to work with. First we got a glass of water  then Ms Webster gave each one of us a thermometer which we dipped in the water. Then we moved onto the next thing that we needed to test and after that we checked the thermometers. My one was 16.

After that we tested the smell. I thought it would smell like something nice but too bad it didn't smell like anything. I tried to smell harder and I still couldn't smell anything. I guess maybe next time I will get something.

The last thing we found out about was the weather conditions. I needed to record weather    if  there's been rain last night or no rain.  But the first thing I wrote on the spreadsheet was steady rain in the past 24 hours.

Overall I was surprised at how interesting water testing was.

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  1. Well Korey it does sound you have been very busy in the last term! I can just imagine your face of surprise now when the indicator paper turned green! I am disappointed that the water didn't smell like anything for you! Would it have been good for the water if it did smell I wonder? :)
    Miss D