Sunday, 15 November 2015


I woke up with messy hair and my sister slapping me in the face. She was  jumping around me crazily saying ‘wake up Korey, wake up! Happy birthday, my 10-year old boy.”  She gave me a big hug. 

My sister said to me, “Your face is purple.” 

Oh no dahh you squeezed me so I felt dizzy. 

After a while I had cake, pizza and pie. My heart was racing and my mouth wanted to eat the cake already.

On my cake there was a photo of my face and some pretty flowers. I had 2 pizzas which was pepperoni and cheese, ham and cheese and all sorts of pizza. 

Then we zoomed away to the Garden City. I grabbed all the food I could get. My sister grabbed two plates. What a sister!


  1. I like how you described having a purple face after your sister squeezed you And her grabbing two plates before going to garden city. Very funny!

  2. I loved how you described your sister waking you up and how you said that your face went purple when your sister squeezed you