Monday, 2 November 2015

Hiding place

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … Here I come. Oh no where do I go? Lightbulb! I know just where to go. I went zooming to my favourite hiding spot behind my house. I was running like I was running away from a zombie apocalypse as fast as a lighting bolt.  I climbed up the tree as fast as I could. While I was up there, I looked  around me. I saw shiny, green leaves breaking off the tree into pieces one by one. I could see the bright sun that was blinding me so it made me cover my eyes with my hands and the birds fly past... if only i could fly. I could even see my brothers running crazy and shouting out my name Korey Korey.

I could hear the wind blowing like the lion off Narnia roaring on my face. I could also hear my brother saying  “found you! Ha!!!. The trees banged together like people clapping. I could also hear my heart pumping. I could hear my brother say “Ha, I found you,” to my sister. Oh no! that leaves me as the last survivor. 

Hehehe I could absolutely hear my heart pumping and my teeth biting my fingers

Well I was up there I felt happy because I had not been found yet. I guess I was sort of scared because I might be fouond

I could smell my mum’s delicious cooking... pork chops, yummy. 


  1. Nice writing I like your language your using

  2. I like your language and how you went from hart pumping then talking about your mums pork chops:)