Thursday, 3 March 2016


popcorn As I was sitting on the mat I spied a small yellow monster machine. The popcorn burst out of the machine like bullets. When the camera peered inside of the popcorn maker it was a crazy mad sight, it was like they were in a growing apocalypse. The popcorn burst to get out like they were a prisoner locked in a basket. When the yellow machine turned on I could, butter, smell smoky steamy waves and comfort, it reminded me of the movies. The smell of the popcorn smelt the whole room out. Oh no i'm hit by the popcorn and it’s super duper hot it’s hot like a fiery shooting star, but then turns really don't soft, soft as a pillow. Yay it's time to taste the popcorn! Hmm I can taste the smoke in my mouth hmm.

1 comment:

  1. "it was like they were in a growing apocalypse" This line really adds to the sense of madness it was when we watched the corn popping. Kiri