Thursday, 14 April 2016


Discovery Time

Today at discovery time  I played survivor at the field with 9 people including me. Names were Sophie and Megan they were the ones that were running it and Felix, Hamish, Matthew,Andre,Gabriel,oliver,ollie and of cause me korey.

Someone I made a connection with was Felix because all the fast people put themselves in their own team which was so annoying we both thought the teams were not fear so that was the connection.

Something I enjoyed was losing and winning because I didn't really care cause it's not about losing or winning I just liked having fun and it turned out fine and we all were working as a team so that's what I enjoyed.

A struggle for me was that everyone was quitting and so I sang a quote. Quitters are not winner and winners are not quitters so that spoiled the fun for me and for others too so that was a really big struggle for me and probably Felix too.

Next discovery time I would like to be In Charge of a sport because I love sports and people like to call me sporty

I think I could improve by listening because when they were trying to tell everyone to line up no one listen so yeah.

Overall I think I could be more happier.

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  1. Good writing korey and I remember that time it was fun.