Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Camp experience

Have you ever done something new but it didn't go as you planned?  Well here is my story. Room 12 and 13 are going to camp at Hanmer Springs and my most favourite activity was mountain biking. First we hopped on to our bikes then we went around this safety track, it was only a mini one. 

We all went in the forest and I was really terrified and anxious because I have never done mountain biking before.  I thought that I wouldn't make it back alive but Charlie kept on encouraging me. So I did it. 

Charlie zoomed off first. April said count to 5 then go - so I did. breath by breath, then I zoomed off.  I saw a checkpoint and I also saw Charlie doing some cool skids so I tried, and guess what: I failed.   I did a really cool skid but I went flying. 

But I still learnt something new. What I learnt was to be myself and give things a go... and that was my big experience.

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