Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Term 1 reflection

During term 1 we decided to put on a performance for half of the school. A big struggle for me was keeping in time with the beat and rhythm and trying not to mess up. A highlight for me was being brave and giving in ideas because I just love sharing my ideas. We also did a lot of teamwork which got us done straight away. My role in our performance was sketching. We got our beat ideas by sharing in a circle and just coming up with random sketching ideas till we got there. Our lyrics for the beat was. We love sketching and that was a team effort. What I learnt was how to keep in time with the beat and what it means. Beat means keeping in time with the beat. And about rythme. I think I am at multistructural at beat because i know a lot about it. It is where you have to keep in time with the person that is banging the drums.

A few weeks before we travelled to Hanmer Springs for camp and I would say my favourite activities were mountain biking and Bear Grylls in the fresh forest. If you don't know what Bear Grylls is it is making a house just out of tree branches and it had to be waterproof and stable. It should be safe to live in. We also had to imagine what it would feel like to live in the forest.

Our leader Dave told us we should try to make a fire. Charlie and I volunteered to help make the fire, the reason we made the fire was so it can make our shelter look more realistic and so we did it but it never worked. We let it calm down and we touched it and it was quite hot but nothing happen. “Times up” Dave said. I was really frustrated but it was better than I thought. 

Something new I learnt was how to make a fire but we didn't really make fire because we didn't have enough time but we did make smoke. And I got to see the fire smoke all over the place slowly filling up the space. Another thing I also learnt was what it would feel like to live in the forest and I thought it was a bit easy. 

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