Monday, 4 July 2016

Discovery time reflection

Today at discovery I was doing IMovie. We did it on the field with the same people again, but this time Gabby got to be in it. Now we have a film expert and his name is Oliver smith.

The role I played was being the best cop and getting beaten up by the robbers.

A strategy I used was practising and practising until I got it.

Something new I have learnt was trying my hardest on something I have never tried before, like acting.

A struggle for me was opening my eyes when I wasn't supposed to because I was knocked out.

I showed a growth mindset by just coming in and knowing what to do because I was at Danks.

Next discovery time I want to improve by being more focused because when Riley and Jackson were messing around I just couldn't help myself and I joined in messing around with them.

Overall make it look better and focus.

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