Sunday, 3 July 2016

DT reflection

Today at discovery time I was practising singing with Sairusi for KK’s got talent show and Charlie just joined around the end. The song that we are singing is When I See You Again dedicated to my dad because he’s in jail.

The role I’m playing in is the rapping bit and that is also a big struggle for me because I haven't rapped in a long time.

Something i notice was that charlie and sairusi could sing i'm not a really good singer and that's why i'm rapping.

Next time i could improve by learning my rapping lines.

 I learnt that sairusi and charlie can sing better than me and although I’ve known them for a few years, I didn’t know that! 

I showed effort by trying to learn how to rap and learn my lines.    

At the end i felt really proud of myself because i learnt so many things and i got my rap style back and know Charlie,Sairusi and i can win the talent show.  

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