Monday, 5 September 2016


Sport!!! Some people do not value sport. Well I am against that. I believe that sport can bring people together. ,Know here are three reasons why I believe sport can bring people together and if you don't believe sport can bring people together well you might wanna tune in.

1. People can make connections e.g if you came from the same country or had the same name or last name, middle name, nickname or same age. Trust me there is way more connections you can make.

2. We could show teamwork just like the all blacks. The all blacks train as a team work as a team play as a team because they are a team. You can not play any sports by yourself. Each person in a team has a job to do. Even if your from a different team or country you still are a team. 

3. Crossing cultures. Like the olympics and rugby,soccer,cricket, and all kind of sport. You could support the same team or be in the same team.
I will tell you one of my favourite poem that sport can bring people together. From the pitch to the crowd to the world,

There is nothing quite like sport to bring people together. Written by rich baller.Know for those who don't think that sport can bring people together here's some advice don't stop believing unless your dreams are stupid written by KP/ Kid president. 

It's not the team with the best players that win. It's the players that makes the team the best!!!

Here's a little thing I call breaking up words and this is the word sport. S stands for sportsmanship. P stands for perseverance . O stands for overall. R stands for respect other people. And T stands for team work. 
Think about it sport can bring people together and we are all one.

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