Monday, 10 October 2016

Holiday A, B, Cs.
Ate K.F.C on Saturday and on Tuesday 
Began to practice for my piano exam
Came to school and saw Miss Ronalds 
Dad and I snuck hokey pokey ice cream 
Eggs for breakfast three days in a row
Forgot to put out the bins twice 
Grown a lot that's that miss Reynolds thinks 
Had a hair cut 
I went to a friends birthday party
Jellie park pool on a cold day 
Kayaking at the Avon river 
Lay in bed and relaxed 
Made lunch and tea for my family 
Napped for almost a day  
Obediently helped my family around the house 
Piper and I had a swap with friends
Quiet time with my family in the lounge
Read the twits and I am the one and only Ivan 
Sumner beach and had awesome ice cream
Timaru to look after my grand parents 
Use a pot to make porridge for the second time  
Visited my dad on Saturday 
Watched the secret life of pets at the movies 
X-ray vision 
Yearned to come back to school 
Zero TV for a whole day (it was torture)

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